Human Health Risk Research, Inc.

Consultants in Chemical Toxicity, Exposure-related Risks, Safety Training, and Emergency Preparedness

Hazard Training • Needs Assessment • Outreach • Policy Review & Analysis • Population Studies & Surveys • Program Evaluation • Toxicology • Risk Assessment

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Human Health Risk Research, Inc. (HHRR) is a boutique research and consulting company experienced with scientific, regulatory, and policy aspects of health hazards and safety risks in environmental, occupational, community, and residential settings. HHRR is based in Seattle with staff & associates in northern California, southern California, and western Pennsylvania.  

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HHRR draws upon expertise in public health research (epidemiological and clinical), exposure-related health risks (occupational and personal), hazard assessment, and underground mine safety. We provide specialized analysis, evaluation, needs assessment, training, outreach, and guidance.

We address environmental pollutants, workplace chemicals, pesticides, consumer-product chemicals, food contaminants, and diagnostic radiation. We develop and evaluate training programs to reduce workplace risks and promote community preparedness for emergencies related to chemical hazards, radiation, and bioterror agents.

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Sources of toxic air pollutants in the Puget Sound airshed include motor vehicles, ships, port activities (contributing diesel exhaust), oil refining, heavy industry, aviation, and seasonal wood burning. Left above: Oil refinery in Anacortes, WA. Left below: Shipping cranes and passenger ferries at the Port of Seattle.